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JSK is a full-service, one-stop-shop for abandonments, decommissioning and pipeline integrity management. We carefully assess each project and set into motion a customized project plan that includes:

  • Developing and executing an implementation plan
  • Requesting and executing all required regulatory notifications and third party agreements
  • General contractor services
    Pipeline integrity management solutions
  • Administering site safety
  • Ensuring all necessary regulatory license amendments and regulatory applications are submitted
  • Providing detailed project closure reports
  • Supplying all necessary site information to clients

Pipeline Discontinuations & Abandonments​

We specialize in pipeline abandonments, discontinuations, removals, resumptions, and line splits.

Pipeline services include:

  • Pipeline Modifications
  • Production Optimization
  • Submission of all applicable licensing amendments to the AER on behalf of our clients.

Facility Decommissioning​

Decommissioning is the first step to remediation and reclamation. Our team decommissions batteries, tank farms, gathering systems, water injection plants, satellites, well sites, compressors and gas plants.

Decommissioning Services:

  • Proper purging and disposal of surface and subsurface production equipment
  • Working with Remediation and Reclamation Consultants to identify any environmental impacts.
  • Cost-effective strategies for Infrastructure Optimization

Pipeline Integrity Management​

We can build an integrity management system from the ground up or help to optimize an existing program.

Solutions we can help with include:

  • Pipeline Operations and Maintenance Manual Development, including Pipeline Operations & Maintenance Manuals (POMM) and Pipeline Integrity Plans (PIP).
  • Corrosion assessments
  • Chemical programs
  • Regulations and reporting
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Project management
  • Pipeline failure investigation management
  • Risk assessments & mitigation plans
  • Inline inspections
  • Line cleaning
  • AER audits

Site Specific Liability Assessment (SSLA)

To date, JSK has completed over 1,600 Liability Assessments for our clients.

Your SSLA will include:

  • A thorough assessment based on a carefully detailed scope of work with respect to the current costs to suspend, abandon, and decommission each facility.

General Contracting & Equipment Services

Let us handle the organization and implementation of your  project.

Contracting services include:

  • Hassle free completion of your project – from communication with all third parties, working with experienced, qualified and approved subcontractors to completing final invoicing on your behalf.

Comprehensive Packages

Why piecemeal your project when we can build a package that will suit your needs?

Comprehensive packages include:

  • Acquisition of all required third-party agreements on behalf of our clients (Encroachment, Crossing, Road Use, Proximity Agreements etc.)
  • Formal D56 Landowner Notifications
  • Detailed Project Files
  • Submission of all licensing amendments to the AER on behalf of our clients.

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