Pipeline Integrity
Management Solutions

Pipeline Integrity Management Solutions

If your company does not have a dedicated integrity specialist or you have too many assets to be managed from your in-house staff JSK Consulting Ltd can help. We offer Integrity Solutions that fit your needs. We can build a Integrity Management System from the ground up or optimize a current program.

We can build a complete Integrity Management System or optimize a current program.

Pipeline Operations and Maintenance Manual Development​

JSK Consulting Ltd can help develop a Pipeline Operations & Maintenance Manuals (POMM) and Pipeline Integrity Plan (PIP) that meets all compliance obligations and is easy to follow and use. We tailor the Integrity Plan for your specific operations which allows it to be costs efficient and effective.​ 

Corrosion Assessments​

JSK Consulting Ltd can provide corrosion assessments for both facility and pipeline assets. In the assessment, both the likelihood and consequence of corrosion will be considered. From this, plans can be developed to mitigate and monitor all integrity threats. We can help you from start to finish with your companies’ integrity plan.​ 

Chemical Programs

With an extensive background in chemical treatment programs, JSK Consulting Ltd can help be the liaison between the client and the chemical vendor. We work for you to make sure you are getting the program that you want and need, and ensure the program is cost-efficient and treats the threats in the integrity assessment.​

Regulations and Reporting​

JSK Consulting Ltd can work as a liaison between your company and the regulators. We will assist in maintaining compliance of pipeline operations as mandated by the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER). We can help with no-flow pipelines and help recommend steps to stay compliant. If the license needs amending JSK Consulting Ltd can complete the field work and the license application and submits it directly to the AER for approval, in alignment with Directive 056. We participate in ongoing training in order to stay up to date with AER regulations and guidelines.​

Compliance Monitoring​

Through compliance monitoring, all documentation is readily available in a digital file system should an AER audit be conducted. In accordance with CSA Z662 pipeline code, pipeline and operating maintenance manuals are developed and required tasks listed in the O&M Manual. This documentation is filed according to regulations. JSK Consulting Ltd can maintain all required files needed for a AER audit and help if required.​

Project Management​

JSK Consulting Ltd can provide project management services to ensure the efficient execution of all pipeline work. Our service includes full turn-key in-line inspection programs, pipeline discontinuances, abandonments, reactivations and other compliance-driven activities such as line cleaning and pigging.​

Failure Investigations​

JSK Consulting Ltd can assist with failure analysis on pipelines and surface equipment. JSK Consulting Ltd can manage the safe exposure and cut out of the pipeline. Mechanical testing, chemical analysis and visual inspection are all used to determine the root cause of a failure and reported. The client can use this for regulatory submission and program enhancements.​

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JSK is a full service, one-stop-shop for abandonments, decommissioning and pipeline integrity management. We carefully assess each project and set into motion a customized project plan.

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